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weird wonders

we believe there is beauty in everything: in people, nature, and the most unusual places


Which to you heart more, potato or tortilla chips?

heart rocks rock.jpg

How many hearts can you find?

beer heart.jpg

Heart in your beer? You're Loved!

Star Wars Candy Corn.JPG

If you're lucky to find a Star Wars Candy Corn, the universe is shining on you!

Ghost Chip.JPG

Ghostly chip

Surprised Bun.JPG

Ever feel left behind?

psychedelic heart.jpg

Psychedelic love

shredded together.JPG

United together

Singing Wine.jpg

Surprised stain


"You are sooooo beautiful to meeee...


A  heart in nature reminds us we're Loved


Even the most prickly have beauty within, let it shine!


Aren't we all

a little twisted?


We are connected through the energy of Love

rock heart.jpg

When you see a heart in nature, remember you're Loved!


Plant seeds of Love...

You know your cat loves you when she leaves a heart in the litter box...

water drop heart.jpg

Love is everywhere,

even in a raindrop

Octopus Cactus.JPG

Even a prickly octopus

cactus has beauty!


Find a star-shaped crack on

the floor...shine brightly!

Pretty Fungi.JPG

The fungus among us can sometimes be the most beautiful of all!

more Love coming soon...!


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

- Albert Einstein

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