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20 Reasons to Adopt a Pet!

“Animals are a gift from above for they truly define the words unconditional love”

- Heather Wolf

The reasons to adopt a pet are innumerable! But here are some highlights:

  1. Exercise - they get us outside and moving

  2. Smile - they make us laugh and lift our spirits

  3. Health - they help us to recover from illness and can help lower blood pressure

  4. Love - they offer unconditional love and combat loneliness

  5. Purpose - they give our lives meaning

  6. Life Lessons - they teach us forgiveness and patience

  7. Adaptability - they can adapt to virtually to any situation

  8. Acceptance - they accept us entirely, even when humans don't

  9. Responsibility - they teach us to be good stewards

  10. Flexibility - they give us practice in being more flexible

  11. Hope - they give us faith and hope in challenging times

  12. Friendships - they help us meet like-minded people

  13. Besties - they are the best listeners and seem to understand

  14. Fun - they don't mind playing dress up or even singing along

  15. Photos - they offer endless beautiful photos on your phone

  16. Warmth - they can cuddle up and keep us warm

  17. Cherished - they are excited to see us after a long day

  18. Humanity - they leave an open spot for the next furbaby when adopted

  19. Hero - they make us heroes by saving a life

  20. Safety - they can keep us safe. In fact, check out this study done by Ohio State:

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