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Be Your Higher Self

“The further away from your higher self you are, the harder things become and the more intense and turbulent your emotions maybe” - Sanaya Roman.

Our world today has been through some very trying, challenging times. Many of us are exhausted and feeling depressed or defeated. Evil and calamity, disaster, violence, suffering all seem to abound in every corner of our dangerously warming planet. But it is important in times like these to remember that joy and feelings of self-worth that bring about inner happiness come from seeing the needs of others and reaching out to lift them up in their distress and discouragement. It’ll help them and well as us. Thinking outside of ourselves helps keep our minds from spinning out and creating inner panic and turmoil—preventing us from being our highest selves. After all, we can’t reach our highest potential without first extending our hand to others in Love.

As human beings, we’ve been given creative and compassionate minds with which to fly—it’s our set of wings to take us to great heights—to carry us to our highest selves.

(By D.A.)

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