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In Giving We Receive

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

"The joy of giving is the greatest joy of life" - Rhonda Byrne.

We are told that it is better to give than to receive. So true! What a great feeling it is to give. The joy of sharing our love with others, in a myriad of ways! But, in order for all to be givers, we also all must allow ourselves to be receivers.

When my daughters were young, one of them came to me excited one day because she had the perfect gift in mind for me for Christmas. I told her that she absolutely did not have to give me anything, that her love was all I needed . . . and I watched her happy face fall. I learned at that moment that I had just taken away her gift of giving to me, her joy of being a giver.

My daughters, now both grown with their own families, are overwhelmingly giving of their time, talents, and love, and I am constantly blessed to be one of those on the receiving end. I wouldn’t dream of taking their love of giving away from them. We show love to others by giving; we also show love to others by allowing them the opportunity to give!

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