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Love Your Tapestry

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

"When life gives you scraps, make a quilt"- Author unknown.

The most beautiful tapestry in life is when we interweave old strands of our life

experiences with the new ones! What a special gift to display and share with the


And what fun to see and share your tapestry with others! How do the threads of

experience intersect with others’ lives? How do they differ? Does your particular

design show how you’ve loved, who you’ve loved? If you were to make a quilt

depicting your life, what would that look like? Compare that with a quilt depicting

those things you wish you could’ve done but never really did, or had the courage to

do? Which quilt has more pictures? Does your tapestry of experienced have

brilliant colors, or is it a bit undertoned? If the latter, try challenging yourself to

create more colorful experiences, live a fuller life, love freely, and enhance the

lives, the tapestries, of others! Is there a better legacy than that?!!

(By D.A.)

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